There are many different forms of conversations:
chatting over a cup of tea, businesslike talking with a smart look or sincere somewhere under the stars.
A conversation is not only about sharing information.
This is an exchange of states, the process of birth of new views, ideas, sometimes the birth of a new life cycle.
The importance of words cannot be overestimated and dangerously underestimated.
Think about what you say.
Do your words have a constructive meaning? What do they tell you?
What information do you consume and what do you nod back to?
Indeed, at this moment your future can be formed.

The original artwork is sold.
It was painted by Me at 2017 from life on the plein air. I was inspired with Claude Monet paintings.
Classic landscape plot selection performed with a contemporary post-impressionist approach.
A color spectrum of this artwork is based on blue, orange and green.
The original oil painting was executed in an unique textured oil painting technique (drawing without brush, but palette knife).
It fills the picture unrepeatable texture and lot of amazing effects.

Original Created: 2017

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